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Albuquerque currently lacks a space for young professionals and the budding entertainment industry to gather and relax in a clean and friendly venue offering great food, entertainment, and delicious cocktails!


The team behind Purposely Petty is setting out to create a one of a kind dining and lounge space dedicated to young and established professionals alike! We plan to provide a welcoming and warm experience for the entire community where everyone can enjoy an “Upper Crust” and big city environment without all the rules and at fraction of the cost! From a great atmosphere to top-notch food and cocktails, we will provide a unique venue from the front door up. We definitely said up! We invite our customers to join us in the main lounge, the private bar, or the mezzanine lounge with views of the entire space. Come join us for our exclusive Espresso Martini Bar!

We invite everyone to come in and host a business meeting, casual dinner, or to simply relax!


Our key demographic will be the continuously expanding business and entertainment community which calls Albuquerque home. New Mexico is growing at a rapid pace and many of its new residents are young professionals seeking out a great location to open their own business and thrive in one of the most supportive cities in the country!

Growing at a rate of 5% each year; Albuquerque boasts the largest population of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and entertainment industry mavens! The city of Albuquerque is home to approximately 210,000 professionals in the 21-45 age bracket with 40% of these professionals living in a 5-mile radius of Nob Hill. In addition, we will be focusing on the rapidly expanding entertainment industry in New Mexico which brings close to $1billion in spending to the state each year, as well as providing close to 6000 full time high paying jobs.

We plan to establish a neighborhood “Go-To” where everyone (21+) in the
community is welcome to come in, relax, and join the boom that is currently


We are in a unique situation which places us at the forefront of an expansion and industry boom in and around Nob Hill. While there are a few local bars nearby, we offer an environment that is welcoming and warm, with a stage and a multi-level dining/drinking space perfect for gathering with friends, family, and colleagues.

Our beverage menu will provide cocktails including specialty martinis and standard beverage accommodations at a reasonable price. Our food menu will feature light bites, comfort food, and exquisite creations to be enjoyed morning or night!

Some of our Competitors include:

Happy Accidents: Cocktail bar serving light fare and known primarily for their craft cocktails and tight rules.

Two Fools Tavern: An Irish Pub serving Irish fare and traditional bar food.
Previously offering a late night destination for drinks but currently reducing hours and staff, mainly operating as a restaurant.

Monte Vista Fire Station: Provides a traditional nightclub experience with a small upstairs bar. Monte Vista is the only true “bar” in Nob Hill.

The Lobo Theater/Bar: A new and unique space offering food and cocktails with a live performance space for large scale performances and films.

Why Us?

As part of the young professionals currently taking Albuquerque by storm, we know exactly what the community is longing for! Our passion for great drinks and good food, cultured by our travels across the country and time spent in the largest cities in the US, provides some great expertise in this industry. While we pride ourselves in our creative drive and experience we also provide the backing and support of a number of large companies in the city.

Our team is composed of business professionals, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Collectively, we’ve personally experienced a lack of quality dining and lounge spaces for this community, and we seek to remedy that!

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